Permanently Closed
Our dearest Journey Family, it is with great sorrow that we announce the permanent closure of Journey Fitness.

COVID reared its ugly head on many local businesses and, unfortunately, left us scrambling to keep things running. It is our utmost promise that we fought hard for you all. You are our family and our community. We love you all and we are hurting deeply with this news.

Due to the Landlord having their Property Management company illegally lock us out of our gym, an already strained situation was strained further to the point that salvaging would have been nearly impossible.

Friendships, families, and comradery were built within the walls of Journey. We had the pleasure of seeing you all on your individual journeys and we are extremely proud of every single one of you. We have been so blessed to have you all and our lives will forever be changed because of it.

We will be refunding massage package purchases, training purchases and recent membership charges since we were forcefully shut down.

We thank you all for your patience and astounding support during the last few days as we battled to keep our gym. Our journey ends here and we hope that yours continues as a Journey full of adventure and love. God Bless.

Journey Ownership & Staff
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