• D’onna Smith

    NASM, CPT, Wholy Fit, TRX, and True Cross Training
    Meet our trainer, D’onna Smith.  D’onna has 20 years of experience.  D’onna specializes in Personal Training involving...
  • Dylan O’Dell

    ISSA Elite Trainer Certification
    IFA Group Trainer & Sports Nutrition Certification
    Meet our full-time trainer, Dylan O’Dell.  Dylan has 8 years of experience. Dylan is certified through ISSA as an Elite Trainer I and...
  • Michael Nelson

    AAAI, US Swim and Fitness, ISSAA
    Meet our trainer, Michael Nelson.  He has 33 years of experience.  Michael has a 4-year college degree and is certified through AAAI, US...
  • Derek Smith

     MovNat (Level 2), AAAI/ISMA, FiTOUR Certified Personal Trainer and Functional Fitness Certification, Wim Hof Method Instructor, Registered Yoga Teacher
    Meet our trainer, Derek Smith.  Derek specialties include total body transformations, bodybuilding, kettlebells, functional strength training,...
  • Mark Hughes

    Action Certified Personal Trainer, Speed and Agility Certified Instructor
    Meet our trainer, Mark Hughes.  Mark has 6 years of experience. Mark specializes in Personal Training involving weight loss, strength training,...
  • Jeffrey Adams

    ISSA, AAAI, Adolescent Fitness, Food and Nutrition (Levels 1, 2, 3), National Orthopedics Advisory (Knee, Hip, Angkle Replacement Board), Trainer NIKE/SPARQ Rating
    Meet our trainer, Jeffrey Adams.  Jeffrey has 41 years of experience. Jeffrey specializes in Personal Training involving athletic functional...
  • James Pesch

    FiTOUR in Personal Training and Group Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    Meet our trainer, James Pesch.  James is certified through FiTOUR in Personal Training and Group Fitness Training.  James has 8 years of...
  • Andrew Bates

    Meet our trainer, Andrew Bates.  Andrew is certified through IBFA and AFAA.  Andrew has 18 years of experience. Andrew’s specialties...
  • Ed Wright

    Meet our trainer, Ed Wright.  Ed is certified through ISMA and has 50 years of experience. Ed specializes in overall health and wellness.