Our Memberships

Journey Fitness is Locally Owned and is Always Hassle-Free. We are the Cleanest Gym in South Tulsa/Bixby.

Month-to-Month, No Contract

No Hidden Fees

No Annual Fees

No Cancellation Fees

No 30 Day Cancellation Requirement

24/7 Member Access

Low Membership Cap

Free Weight Area

Privacy Bathrooms

Privacy Granite Showers

Complimentary Towel Service

Complimentary Culligan Filtered Water

Complimentary Nugget Ice

Complimentary Java Dave’s Coffee

Complimentary WiFi

Single Membership

Single Membership

Family of 2 Membership

Family of 2 Membership

Family of 3 Membership

Family of 3 Membership

Billing FAQ

Why should I choose Journey Fitness?

We have so many clients that come from the “big corporate gyms” that RAVE over ours!  They say it’s cleaner, nicer, and more upscale than the one they are coming from.  They also like how they can park right at the door and get in and out quickly!  They also enjoy the free Java Dave’s coffee, the fully-stocked and affordable vending machines, the complimentary nugget ice machine and filtered-water, and the wide variety of name-brand equipment.

Can I add my wife and/or kids to my membership?

Yes!  We offer Family of 2 Memberships (or 3, 4, 5, etc.) for family members living in the same household.  Ages 16 and 17 may have their own key and come in to workout after an adult has signed their liability waiver.  Ages 12-15 may workout as long as they are under direct parental or trainer supervision the entire time; they are not allowed to be in the gym unsupervised.

Unfortunately, for insurance purposes, we cannot allow anyone under the age of 12 on the equipment.

When and how do I get billed?

You are billed every month on the date you signed up and your credit card on file is automatically billed.

For example: If you signed up on September 16th, you will be billed again on October 16th.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, just come to the gym during staffed hours and sign a Cancellation Form. We only require a 48-hour notice.  Typical gyms require a 30-60 day cancellation notice.

Ready to get started on your journey?

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