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Our certified personal trainers partner with you one-on-one to ensure you understand how to maintain an effective and smart exercise program. Aenean leo ligula, porttitor eu, consequat vitae, eleifend ac, enim.
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    Dylan O’Dell

    ISSA Elite Trainer Certification
    IFA Group Trainer & Sports Nutrition Certification

    About Dylan O’Dell

    Meet our full-time trainer, Dylan O'Dell.  Dylan has 8 years of experience.Dylan is certified through ISSA as an Elite Trainer I and IFA in Sports Nutrition and as a Group Trainer. Dylan specializes in Group Classes that involve HIIT (high intensity interval training), muscle conditioning, and strength training.
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    Michael Nelson

    AAAI, US Swim and Fitness, ISSAA

    About Michael Nelson

    Meet our trainer, Michael Nelson.  He has 33 years of experience.  Michael has a 4-year college degree and is certified through AAAI, US Swim and Fitness, and ISSAA.  Michael specializes in training kids, movement, behavior, food/fuel, structural balance, food planning and more.  As Michael says, "Live it, Love it".Michael can help prepare your child for football, track, volleyball, wrestling, golf, baseball, and high school and college football.Michael's Awards: Mr. Oklahoma 1991 2016 NPC Oklahoma Championships Men's Bodybuilding 2016 2016 NPC Oklahoma Championships Men's Classic Physique 2016
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    Rick East


    About Rick East

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