Strive Circuit

The Strive Circuit was hand-picked by one of our trainers who said it’s the BEST brand of circuit equipment you can buy! What’s so special about Strive? Strive’s equipment uses wide bands instead of cables which make for a MUCH SMOOTHER motion. Not only can you change the weight you are pushing or pulling, but you can change where it applies the most resistance during your movement: front, middle, or back. You NEED to try it for yourself!

The Strive Circuit includes: Chest Press, Incline Chest, Bicep, Tricep Extension, Shoulder, Pec Dec/Rear Delt, Abdominal, Back Extension, Lateral Raise, Rotary Torso, Inner Hip, Outer Hip, Seated Leg Curl, Seated Leg Extension, and Leg Press.

Also included over with the Strive Circuit is the Assisted Pull-Up Machine by Nautilus.

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